Men’s Vampire Eye Cable Chain Bracelet

Dracula, Lestat, Barnabas, Lily Muster and The Count of Sesame Street and Lily Munster … the list of famous vampires is a long, inspiring and distinguished (or comical).

We honor them all with our vampire eye bracelet featuring a fantastic 22 mm (life sized) glass eye that has been expertly handcrafted by a skilled artisan to create an incredibly realistic centerpiece.

The classic setting and flattened cable chain are made of sturdy, sleek stainless steel, a superior material prized for making high-grade instruments.

This bracelet comes with three extra jump ring links, making it adjustable between 8 ¾ and 9 ¼ inches in total length.

Steel Dragon’s collection is full of amazing pieces inspired by the worlds of nature and fantasy, and right here is the only place you can find this one-of-a-kind bracelet.

It’s a truly unique bracelet that will inspire your favorite or new creation!


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