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Men’s Red Dragon Eye Cable Chain Bracelet

The Chinese viewed the dragon as a symbol of great luck, strength and fortune. They considered the dragon to be a sacred “unearthly” beast, and often associated him with the planet itself. In Chinese mythology and legend, the strongest and most noteworthy warriors and leaders were compared to the dragon

Strength and unearthly power were the inspiration for this striking men’s classic bracelet with a flattened cable wrist chain,

Set with a smoldering 22 mm (about 7/8 inch) red dragon eye that radiates the mystery of the ages, the sleek 316 stainless steel bracelet and one-of-a-kind glass eye is artfully crafted by a skilled glass artisan.

Three extra circular links allow you to adjust the length between 8 ¾ – 9 ¼ inches.

This awesome bracelet is a unique creation that you’ll only find here at Steel Dragon Jewelry.

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Men's Red Dragon Eye Cable Chain Bracelet Men’s Red Dragon Eye Cab...

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