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Men’s Blue Dragon Eye Cable Chain Bracelet

The fierce and mighty dragon is not a meek or gentle animal spirit guide. As the master of all the elements: Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind the dragon may have come to show you a new path and help you transform from the mundane to a higher plane.

This original blue dragon bracelet boasts a heavy but sleek stainless steel flattened cable chain setting with a stunning handcrafted glass dragon eye.

The unique blue dragon glass eye measures 22 mm (about 7/8 inch).

Each piece of Steel Dragon jewelry is individually handcrafted by a highly skilled glass artisan, and allows you to adjust the fit between 8 ¾ – 9 ¼ inches.

Bond with your dragon and feel its fierier breath with this totally unique blue dragon eye bracelet.

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Men's Blue Dragon Eye Cable Chain Bracelet Men’s Blue Dragon Eye Ca...

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